Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789381836057
Pages: 145
Price: 95 INR

And when I am gone and lost,
These few words do treasure and keep fast.
Just close your eyes and listen from the Silence Within.
For I’ll be there with you forever, through thick or thin.

From the silence within’ by Madhavi Sood is an anthology of poems of their own class. Having been faced with a near-death experience, the author began to write a collection of poems that would one day shape this book. Her belief that one must face their fears and never let them cloud the mind or soul forms the crux of the book. Her poems eased her pain and gave her renewed strength and hope to survive. And her work speaks for itself.

One can find various themes spread in her poems, the most common ones being hope, love and courage. Another aspect of her book is that often the very last stanza of each poem reveals the most insightful thought. The rhythm of the various poems is well-maintained and one can easily shift from one poem to another, still feeling the essence of the last.

Rise up from the ashes of your existence now.
And catch her while she is around.
For in her radiant clasp, beauty and warmth shall alight.
And the soul shall find at last- the light.

Her language skills and the subject-matter of the poems have made them fascinating to read, making ‘From the silence within’ a wonderful anthology of verses. Almost all the poems were well-written but a few of them struck my heart and I was stuck with them hours after reading them.  Some of these are:

1. I want to hold your hand
2. From the silence within
3. Magic of the moment
4. Be a hypocrite sometimes
5. Rise up from the ashes
6. The last verse will be my best yet

Overall Rating: 8/10

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Ushnav is basically from Mumbai and spiritually from Trivandrum. He spends his time juggling between an engaging life at SIMC, Pune and thinking of and putting down ideas for short stories and his novel. He is a ‘poetic photographer’ and a thespian of words.