twentyonethingsThis book claims that it will clear myths and half-truths about the average girl. It claims it will make show us direction and make us think. It claims that it is backed by scientific evidence broken into simple explanations. Also these claims seem hollow once I reached the last page of the book.

Sneha Mehta’s ‘21 Things Every Girl Should Know’ covers the regular topics that every girl self-help book does: body issues, love, sex, marriage, in-laws. It addresses the issue of virginity and coming-of-age. It discuses in depth about the man-woman equation and the infamous mysteries of women that no one can understand. The last chapter deals with issues of global importance such as prostitution, rape and female foeticide.

Leaving aside that I do not agree with the author’s views on quite a few subjects like the issue of legalisation of prostitution, how women working is “double trouble” etc, scientifically the book is a little off and seems baseless. Also, the structure of the book is extremely hap-hazard where each chapter doesn’t follow seamlessly into the other.

Another big issue with the book is the editing. In some places, there are glaring, overt mistakes such as “Roger Federer Nadal”. In the end, the book seemed like a bad joke that reinforced every stereotype I have known about women. It says that mother-in-laws are witches and girls aren’t good at math. The book claims to be non-feminist, but with the over-emphasis on prostitution and sex being bad, I was a little confused at the end. When book makes statements like “We….failed to teach our sons about decent sexual behaviour. No wonder, WE not only gave birth but took an equal part in making rapists and molesters.”, I was quite.. shocked. This book fails to grasp the other changing socio-economic factors that have come to play a role in today’s scenario.

All-in-all, I am not sure what this book was attempting to say and wouldn’t really recommend it, least of all as a self-help book.

Overall Rating: 4/10

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