Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789350291955
Pages: 326
Price: INR 350

Genius is relative’ proves Manu Joseph through his fantastic, comical work of ‘Serious Men’. With lustful, intelligent Brahmin astronomers and condescending assistants, the novel weaves itself through the lives of the common man often tickling your funny bone.

SeriousMenSet in the BDD areas of Mumbai, meet Ayyan Mani and his intelligent son who is all set to ruin the lives of the most celebrated astronomers in the country. It just does not take intelligence but also the school of thought to survive in our society. His hilarious made-up quotes by Einstein and Edison who talk about Brahmins and their superiority are remarkable.

Arvind Acharya, head astronomer at the Institute of Theory and Research is a man of great composure and intellect is carried away by his genius who in the end proves to have been shattered and disgraced. Meet Ayyan Mani, a Hindu turned Buddhist who hates idol worship and would not convert into a Christian at the cost of a computer is the master mind behind his partially deaf son’s intelligence and the plight of the supreme Brahmins. He is the crusader for the Dalit community and expresses his anger through the ‘thought for the day’.

His observations are quite keen and deeds, quite remembered. Ayyan Mani can go to any extent to gain recognition in the society in spite of warning his son ‘this is the last time’. Through the love of his ‘experienced’ life, Acharya’s life is crumble to a sad heap. A thorough contrast of truth and dignity, the novel has a lot to say.

Manu Joseph has thoroughly succeeded in impressing his readers. His choice of words is extremely infallible and uproarious. His descriptions like

“The decay of a man, he told himself, is first conveyed to him by his wife”

is just one of his many metaphors used. His observations like

“their asymmetric panty-lines were like birds in the sky drawn by a careless cartoonist”

re-define his style of writing.

A book worth your time, a thorough entertainer which makes you wish for a triumphant return of Acharya and hardly bothered about Mani’s success in life. His character sketch and writing could have got better with accurate description of reality. Not to forget, his awards say it all.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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