Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789382277774
Pages: 310
Price: Rs. 495

With ‘The Hundred Names of Darkness’, in the sequel to the bestselling novel ‘The Wildings’, Nilanjana Roy is back with her next astonishing book. A book of pure imagination, truth and emotions, Nilanjana Roy hasn’t, for sure, disappointed her fans.

TheHundredNamesofDarknessSet in the backdrop of Delhi, the novel takes you through the cold, early morning winters of the Delhi neighborhood of Nizamuddin to unfold the adventures of our old friends Mara, Southpaw, Beraal and Hulo. Recovering from the recent battle with the feral cats, its time they realize that things have started changing around them. Nilanjana Roy brings out the upheaval in the lives of the celebrated cats of Delhi with the encroachment of the big feet thus, forcing them to abscond from their beloved locality. The winters are threatening with scarcity of food. The encroachment of ferocious dogs, snakes, bandicoots and the big feet add the fuel to the fire.

Now, all they have is Mara, the sender of Nizamuddin who can find a safe retreat before their existence is wiped off the neighborhood of Delhi. Through their struggle for survival, the readers are pleased to meet their congenial friends – Doginder, a friendly stray; Hatch, a cheel who is afraid of sky; Jethro Trial, a roaring mouse; Thomas Mor, an amicable peacock. With her appealing creativity, the big feet are hooked to the book throughout the 310 pages as she succeeds to put forward her point that every species has their own set of worries just like the big feet.

“Just because we have done it for generations doesn’t mean we have to keep doing it”

– stands true to life not just for the big feet but for all the species. With healthy characterization and occasional touches of seriousness, this novel is an eye-opener to the big feet through the whiskers and the colorful tails of our friendly cats.

The brilliance of her writing brings the ignored to the limelight. A light-hearted yet, a thought provoking novel for the cats are not just for kids, they have a lot more to say.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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