Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9780425145630
Pages: 447
Price: Rs. 350

A man of words, his novels have never disappointed his fans. ‘Fatal Cure’ is the prodigy of Robin Cook’s spectacular mind conspiracy. In this medical thriller, Robin cook unfolds the story of the survival of a doctor’s family through the fate of their destiny. ‘Fatal Cure’ is a hair-raising, timely foray into the dark side of medical reform, proving that with “managed care” the unthinkable can be as close as the local hospital.

FatalCureThe story unfolds with the murder of eminent and controversial personality, Dr. Hedges after which the young doctors Angela and David along with their 8-year old daughter Nikki, suffering from a chronic disease (cystic fibrosis), and move into the new house in Bartlet to resume their respective careers. The story is quite progressive and hooks the reader’s attention till the end. Their uncertain journey through thick and thin in the new place forms the rest of the story.

The unexpected twists add the real flavor to the story. The brilliant flow of the story with predictable-but-wrong incidents provokes the readers to finish the novel soon. David is shocked to find the uncertain deaths at his hospital while Angela is terrorized by a rapist in the neighborhood. Adding to the chaos, the couple discovers a dead body in their basement and Angela is faced with sexually harassment by her pathology head.

Before they are consumed by horror, at the cost of their careers and the life of their beloved daughter, the couple is all set to untie the labyrinth of the mystery. The rest of the story follows as how the couple connects the dots to find out the criminal. Robin Cook has thoroughly justified the novel and has a lot in stock for his readers.

A scrupulous Robin Cook’s piece of master work which will be appreciated by all his readers. He has his own way of telling his story to the readers. Quite a medical thriller, the plot harbors a lot of secrets for the readers to discover.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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