Format: eBook
Language: English

For a debut, ‘Passionate Love‘ by Shivangi Ramsay is a pretty good shot! Meet Ambika Raana, lifestyle journalist for a leading women’s magazine in Pune. She definitely has a charm of her own and she accepts life as it comes.

Destiny is all set to introduce her to Ayaan Ramsay, the Indian version of Christian Grey, literally. A top-notch businessman with high aspirations and an ambitious go-getter. Apart from his huge mansion and wealthy business, he is lucky to have found his lady-love, Ambika Raana.

Passionate-loveIn a picturesque setting of Pune, the plot reveals the love story of the couple and their life after the wedding. With envious colleagues and a caring mother, the plot is written to the point. The plot unfolds with Ambika Raana to interview the business magnet, Ayaan Ramsay. As the fate decides, they meet on the road and fall for each other at the very first sight. The journey of their love to the wedding forms the rest of the plot.

Their families are different yet their ideologies are the same. With family love and professional satisfaction, the novel could have nothing but a happy-ending.

The twist comes only in the end after their elaborate journey till the wedding. The descriptions are as picture perfect as their passionate love.

The title is apt for the e-book but a little editing can help improvise the story. The readers are hooked through the 87 pages and the twist could have definitely been stronger with a better impact on the readers. Shivangi is an avid reader and a lover of romantic-fiction. We appreciate your efforts on your debut novel. We look forward to your writing style.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10

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