Format: Paperback
Language: English
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
ISBN: 9788172345099
Pages: 312
Price: INR 243

The idea of time travel has always garnered much interest, be it for the science geeks or the common man. Everyone has always wanted to change one thing from their past, one specific moment, action or word. And this is echoed in debutante author, Anjali Bhatia’s first book, ‘Twice Upon a Time’.

Arpit is stuck in a loveless life, filled with regret and sorrow over past deeds, and lack of deeds. He has lost the love of his life, Mannat, due to his own words and attitude and there seems to be nothing he can do to replay the past. Enter Nishi, a psychic gypsy, who introduces Arpit to a method of re-dreaming, whereby he can go to crucial situations in his and reverse the switch. All this happens in the backdrop of a mystical lake in Arpit’s village and its degradation and pollution by the ever-evil corporate houses, headed by Arpit’s father.

The book has many subplots and elements, such as Nishi’s equation with her father and his disappearance, Mannat and her life, the flight of the villagers against the evil industries, Arpit’s relations with his father, Arpit and his extended family’s fued and so on and so forth. Apart from this, here is the whole angle of Nishi herself, and her mystical powers that help Arpit. Often, it feels like too much, and too long. But it all wraps together beautifully in the end.

The characters are etched out well, each with a strong back story and role to play. Though a little stereotypically Indian, the author puts a full effort to mix in a bit of science into this mystical mumbo-jumbo. Whether it works, is for you to decide. The writer’s storytelling skills are effortless and there is an ease and flow with which the words appear on the paper.

Overall, it is a fun book, that works as quick read on any day that seem particularly jobless and in the mood for something light.

Rating: 6.5/10

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