Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788192692609
Pages: 207
Price: INR 135

With a perfect life at Mumbai, meet Dr. Neha Dixit as her life unfolds. Dr. Neha Dixit is married to her loving husband, Dr. Ashutosh. Her life is almost undisturbed till she meets her new patient, Susan. Haunted by her nightmares of childhood, Neha must now connect all the dots.

When everyone has their own assumptions about her nightmares, only Susan and Neha can unfold the mystery. The sense of her déjà vu about Susan and her nightmares of screams and blood were sure to be connected. It’s not just the nightmares; there is something more, something long lost in her life. The hazel brown eyes of Susan help Neha to find the harsh truths of her life. The plot is definitely appealing and hooks the reader till the end. The characters speak for themselves and the story is quite intriguing. Will hypnotic age regression, as suggested by psychiatrist Dr.Ram, help her? Why is Susan following her? What were her nightmares about? The connection between her nightmares and Susan is well positioned and written. The picturesque descriptions of the characters are well portrayed. The elements of the story are weaved carefully to bring out the impact.

Apart from a couple of grammatical errors, the mystery is quite a success. It’s unpredictable and attention-seeking. One has to know Neha better to help her find the absconding Susan and bring out the truth. Secrets of the past are scarier than the expectations from the future.

Dr. Ketaki Patwardhan is the author of this psychological thriller ‘The Missing Connection‘. Quite an attempt for her debut novel. With a captivating plot, she has the charm to hook the readers. We look forward for more novels with a little stringent proof-reading.

Rating: 5.5/10

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