Format: Paperback
Publisher: Harlequin India
Pages: 184
ISBN: 9789351064459
Price: INR 150

The aura of Mills and Boons precedes itself and so, I was ecstatic that at the ripe age of 20, I would finally be reading my first ever Mills and Boons book, and even more so as it was an Indian Mills and Boons in the form of ‘Twelve Hours of Temptation‘ by Shoma Narayanan. The book disappointed on many fronts, but made up in some others. All in all, my idea of Mills and Boons being erotic, non-sensible, non-serious books was shattered.

TwelveHoursOfTemptationMelissa D’Cruz is a genius junior copywriter at a bankrupt firm. But then this bankrupt firm is solid to a hotshot company, and to oversee this transaction is drop-dead gorgeous, perfect body hottie Samir Razdan. And sparks fly instantly. To add to this, to attend an awards ceremony in Goa, Samir offers to drive Melissa, as she has Pteromerhanophobia. And in this trip, the chemistry is undeniable and they can’t help but do the dirty. And this lead them both to move in to together. But the normal differences come in the way. He’s a rich boy from an elite family and she is from a family of restaurateurs in Goa, typical middle class. And also, he’s Hindu and she is Christian. Can these differences make a relationship unsalvageable or can love overcome all these odds?

I love the character of Melissa, a typical strong, independent woman. But her wit, humor and lack of drama are refreshing and fun. Samir is an archetypical romantic hero: Greek god looking, brooding, cynical and with a past. The peripheral characters are fun and play their parts well. But the story itself delves more in to relationship issues and doesn’t present much on the twelve hours of temptation. That is just a mere chapter in the book. The erotic parts are as small as two lines, which makes it feel like a censored Hindi movie!

Though the book is a typical cliché in most ways, the romance is simple, realistic, engaging and without any too much descriptive sex scenes. There is no over the top drama going on nor is there some crazy twists involved. It is a simple story of how two individuals meet some pretty realistic conflicts in their relationship and try to resolve them. Overall, it is a simple, light read that may be avoided as it doesn’t offer up anything new. I am sure there are better chick flicks out there.

Rating: 6/10

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