Translated by: Meghna Gulzar


Publisher: Rupa Publications
Language: English
ISBN: 978-8129135179
Price: INR 296
Pages: 224

How does one review work by the master, Gulzar? Especially when they are screenplays of two majorly acclaimed screen hits? And even more so when they are translated by the daughter and student of the master? Well, I guess one can only try to explain his brilliance. Heads and Tales is a translated collection of two screenplays of two movies written and directed by Gulzar – Aandhi and Hu Tu Tu.

HeadAndTalesAandhi is the story of Aarti and JK, a couple separated by ideology and profession. They fall in to the opposites attract trap, where JK is a dreamy, flustered poet and Aarti is a firebrand, ambitious politician. They meet years later, under much different circumstances. There is no love lost between them, and they cannot help but quickly fall in to their old habits, to reach a poignant end.

Hu Tu Tu is the story of Panna Barve, daughter of the power hungry politician Malti Barve and Aditya Patel, son of businessman. They grow up, watching their parents go ahead to achieve their ambitions at any costs. This leaves them slightly disillusioned and the find comfort in each other. Unable to handle this cruelty, they decide to take a drastically different direction in life from their parents, in hopes to right the wrongs that they’ve committed. Both the stories have similar themes of love, loss, disillusionment and lack of ethics in politics and ambitions. They are looked from two different angles and perspectives, each leaving you spellbound. Gulzar is a master story teller and his words weave a magic around you. Another lovely aspect of the book is the poetry of Gulzar that has been translated in to English. The Hindi script too is available, and by collating both the versions together, one gets the entire essence.

The stories leave you feeling warm and happy, with Gulzar’s poems echoing in your mind. Definitely recommended for anyone interested in fiction, films or good stories in general!

Rating: 9/10

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