Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122314946
Pages: 184
Price: 150 INR

Ever wondered at some point of life in life, how everything falls apart? Personal life, professional life everything seems just wrong. Meet Kamna who is at this junction of her life when nothing seems right.

“It’s never late to clean a messy house and a messy life…all that’s needed is determination and hope of a clutter free life”

BeyondForeverKamna is a dreamy-eyed girl practicing her medical career as a physiotherapist who now gives a second thought about both her career and choice of people in her personal life. All she wants is to undo the mistakes and start all over. It is when she moves to Mumbai to pursue an MBA and keep her emotions at bay that Varun, her old patient enters her life and things change.

“Your sheer practicality can never lead you towards love”

Kamna is a girl of this century. Trying to seek a balance between her career and love, she meets her Mr. Right who makes her believe that life is not all that bad until one night when Varun is a changed man. The secret is what forms the rest of the plot. In this romantic saga, Kiran Joshi has made an effort to bring life to the characters. ‘Beyond Forever’ is quite a read for all the starters and Chetan Bhagat followers.

The plot follows a conversational tone with Varun Oberoi’s messages and chats. Kamna is rather a pragmatic girl who wishes to get sloshed after heartbreak or gets to know of his father’s death through Facebook posts. With quirky friends and relationships, the beyond forever explores an emotional ride of friendship, love, promises and family ties.

For all the romantic Romeos out there, find out if there is love stretched beyond forever. Kiran Joshi’s fictional attempt not only reflects her thought but a call to all the confused mortals (in love and life) who are still searching for their true calling.

Rating: 5/10

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