Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978817234310
Pages: 258
Price: 199 INR

Killing Ashish Karve’ by Salil Desai is one of the most daunting thriller mystery by an Indian author so far. Lies, deception, suspense, amazing twists and high drama; the book guarantees you a roller-coaster ride which will leave you with an amazing spine chilling experience.

killing_ashish_karveSet in Pune, the book is about the murder of a businessman, Ashish Karve, whose body is found in mysterious circumstances. Deemed as suicide, one eventually gets to know that things are not what they seem like. His wife, Sanjot Karve is devastated yet takes no time in resuming her routine back to normal. His father, father-in-law, brother, sister, brother-in-law, business partner, his secretary; all seem to have a dubious character. With perfectly framed alibis, they are all under Senior Inspector Saralkar’s suspicion. In the due course of time, Saralkar, with the help of his assistant, PSI Motkar’s help is able to find various motives which puts the suspects deeper into this strange web of murder which seems to get more entangled by the day.

The book is written in simple English and has a brilliant narrative with which it seems that the incidents are unfolding in front of one’s eyes. Salil Desai manages to capture the attention of the reader so much so that one is compelled to finish the book in one sitting. Engrossing, deep, well researched are a few words to describe the books. The character establishment in the book is pretty smooth and one is awed by the sheer level of dedication and hard work the author has put in the book.

All and all the book leaves you spell bound and is a must read for all. It is a classic piece of contemporary writing by an Indian author. Go grab a copy today!

Rating: 8/10

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