Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788129134608
Pages: 221
Price: INR 195

We live in a world where battles are fought in cyberspace, relationships are forged through voice-over-IP, and declarations of love are made through speedy text messages. It is surprising how technology has taken over our lives, Only Connect dwells upon the profound impact of technology and how relationships are built upon the web of deceit.

OnlyConnectBe it Meenakshi Bharat’s ‘B Wid U Soon’ or Janhavi Acharekar’s ‘Sneha 25’ or Malik Sajad’s ‘Facebooked’, ‘Only Connect!’ has rather a lot to offer with its collection of 20 short stories, each story distinct from another yet reciprocating the irrevocable impact of technology in our lives. The book is a collection of 20 stories and each author has a story to tell and a perception to be invoked.

While ‘B Wid U Soon’ talks of celebration of a birth of a baby, ‘Sneha 25′ highlights the story of a young girl who is conned by a cyber-lover. Sunil Adami’s ‘Leftovers’ shows how the technology has developed in leaps and bounds while some Mrs. Chauguli was still aghast on seeing a laptop.

“All of a sudden, she wanted to run from the room, to the familiar safety of the kitchen, the pots and pans clanging like temple bells from the hooks above the sink.”

In this tech-savvy world, nothing is impossible; literally and virtually. Neelam Saran Gour explores how technology changes the language we speak through her story, ‘A software Sonata’. In this labyrinth of technology, one can only choose if it’s a boon or a bane.

Perhaps, our techno voyage seems to be carried away by the wind. The book is a light-hearted eye opener and is very pragmatic in approach. With twenty different stories come twenty different colored experiences. Only Connect traces this brave new world we have come to inherit.

Edited and compiled by Sharon Rundle and Meenakshi Bharat who are known for their interest for short stories and children’s literature, ‘Only Connect!’ explores the harsh truths of our lives.

Rating: 5/10

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