Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-81-291-2469-2
Pages: 201
Price: 195 INR

A drama which unfolds in Mumbai, ‘Games Girls Play‘ is a gripping story which takes us through the life of two different characters – Siya and Natasha and how their paths end up together. A story of how opposites attract. Siya, is a simple woman: both in living and in thought. She has very pious views about life and sex and is a 30 year old virgin living alone in a sea-facing bunglow in Mumbai which she inherited from her aunt. She runs a library cum cupcake shop inside the premises. Her life revolves around books and her friends: Dean and Simple who always coax her to “get a life”, “take it easy” and “flow with the tide.” She is a single woman who is a budding writer and gets a breakthrough when a famous publicist, after reading her blog asks her to write about relationships and sex in Mumbai.

Natasha on the other hand is a happy go lucky and free spirited woman. She is a professional photographer by the day and a party animal by the night. She has no rules whatsoever. She lives life to the fullest, has sex with whoever she wants with “no strings attached.” Siya chances on Natasha in her library and thinks of her as the perfect subject or as she may call it “research material/case study” for her book. The book further describes how both of them start living together and how their bond deepens overtime. Both realize how important it is to live life in a certain way. It is a journey of friendship, love and personal growth.

When I started reading the book, I could relate myself to the girls and could myself justify their actions and behavior. The book takes you through a journey which every woman can relate to and the scenario one faces being a single woman in the city. All in all an entertaining read. To believe it and plunge into the psyches, grab a copy today.

Rating: 7.5/10

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