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Book review: 'Those Pricey Thakur Girls' by Anuja Chauhan

Book review: ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls’ by Anuja Chauhan

Format: Paperback Pages: 388 ISBN: 1100005574861 Price: 350 INR “What sad days for the Thakurs of Hailey Road! First girl is Banjjar, second girl is a Khanjjar — she has filed a court case against her own father! Third girl ka toh what-to- say and fourth girl has been rejected by a Christian!” Anuja Chauhan...
Book Review: 'The Zoya Factor' by Anuja Chauhan

Book Review: ‘The Zoya Factor’ by Anuja Chauhan

Language: English Format: Paperback ISBN: 9788172237486 Pages: 513 Price:  299 INR Anuja Chauhan’s debut book, ‘The Zoya Factor’ is a rollercoaster ride focussing on cricket with a pinch of Bollywood masala. Zoya, a young girl working for an advertising agency finds her fate being intertwined with that of the Indian Cricket Team.
Book Review: 'Battle for Bittora' by Anuja Chauhan

Book Review: ‘Battle for Bittora’ by Anuja Chauhan

Language: English Pages: 426 Format: Paperback ISBN: 9789350290026 Price: 299 INR Elecsuns! First cricket and now politics, Anuja Chauhan writes for what the country unites for and shares its passion for. With love, politics, romance and oodles of humour all packaged together, the book becomes a perfect meal for a film maker.