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Book review: 'Those Pricey Thakur Girls' by Anuja Chauhan

Book review: ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls’ by Anuja Chauhan

Format: Paperback Pages: 388 ISBN: 1100005574861 Price: 350 INR “What sad days for the Thakurs of Hailey Road! First girl is Banjjar, second girl is a Khanjjar — she has filed a court case against her own father! Third girl ka toh what-to- say and fourth girl has been rejected by a Christian!” Anuja Chauhan...
Book Review : 'Untruly Yours' by Smita Shetty

Book Review : ‘Untruly Yours’ by Smita Shetty

Format: Paperback Language: English ISBN: 9789381836293 Pages: 146 Price: 125 INR ‘Untruly Yours’ has all the right ingredients for a perfect chick-flick: a lonely, depressed housewife called Natasha, two handsome, suave men (none being her husband, obviously) who try to woo her and a perfect setting for adultery.