_200_350_Book.51.coverFace of Betrayal’ by Lis Wiehl and April Henry is just another story but excelled in the way it has been told. It’s a story of how a senate page turned out dead after returning to home during vacations in between her internship. This murder mystery finally got taken upon by the Triple-Threat (as they ‘loved’ to call themselves) – a reporter, a FBI special agent and a federal prosecutor – and being more mystified by the character of a running Senator who supposedly was having a relationship with the victim.

As the three women try their best to find out both an alive Katie and the possible abductor, their own inner lives got turbulent in their own ways,and they yet manage to balance both quite well. They all are in the pursuit to find out their individual ‘face of betrayal’.

Face Of Betrayal’ is a book with magic recipe of success. A suspense thriller as well as the neat focus on the inner turbulence of the protagonists defintitely makes it worth a read. To such extent it will touch you that you will make it a point to wait eagerly for the next turn the story takes in Lis Wiehl’s next release.