Whenever I sit to write another book-review, inevitably I need to strain my brain hard enough to get to remember the niceties of the paperbacks I was lucky (or often unlucky enough) to go through! But this time, I did make it a point to get it done very soon, if not sooner. And so, here I am.

Unlike the previous hard bound I got from the same publishers, frankly speaking this paperback really did not live upto the expectations the first novel mustered upon me by its quality. But everything can’t and should not be always compared with other equals, and this one has got its own positives, maybe some of which the previous one lacked in some aspects. So, over and all, you don’t loose.

Lonestar Secrets’ by Colleen Coble speaks about the rather coming-back-to-life life of a girl (or rather a woman) who has seen life from different perspectives, be it the jeery low or be it the glorious top by virtue of her own dignified approach to life, she has gone through all of it. And in that way she is lucky enough to differentiate between right and wrong, black and white, and love and hate. Love gave her the jeer of her life, love forced her to loose all trust on ‘trustworthiness’, love forced her down the dungeon of darkness and lifenessness. And that too with none there by her side, her parents being dead on way to their journey of ‘quick-bucks’. Shannon Astor, the protagonist then survived with her own implications of life, pulled herself throughout high school, and after that joined her very close-to-heart vet discipline, for which she can even give up life’s niceties. And this determination with which she took up her life of betterment shoved her way up to more brightnesses. In the meanwhile some drama took place in her life regarding her falling for a shiny-buckled-heartless-cowboy, carrying his twin child, and then a hospital fiasco during her labor which turned out to be a life-changer for her to betterment. And this is the point from where she started to see the light of life, maybe the twin children were god-send to her in that way. And more drama follows, her making up to her babychild-switching, her meeting her childhood crush whom she got forced to marry by circumstances, and then for the rest of the drama was rather in her own side. She won in every aspects of life. She won every hearts and every trust. Which in turn brings up the woman in her in a big way.

Author Colleen Coble has got in her sleeves two more before this one in this series, including ‘Lonestar Sanctuary’, but maybe this is one of her best works, and who can say we are going to get better of her very soon, if not sooner!