Author: Durjoy Datta
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789380349114
Pages: 215
Price: Rs. 100.00

‘She broke up, I didn’t’ by Durjoy Datta is his third work in three years, and as claimed by the cover, all of them have been ‘National Bestsellers’. It is quite natural, as a book lover and reviewer, that I will be attracted to this title (or any of the other two of his ‘trilogy’). Surprisingly, I got to lay my hand upon SBUID (I will use this acronym this point onwards) two days ago, and decided to give it a chance.

Durjoy Datta is hugely popular among the youth for his ‘trilogy’, with the leading pair being Dev and Avantika. I took the pain of going through the synopsis of the previous two novels, hence, going through the third one never became much of a problem. The major two protagonists are Dev and Avantika, who are madly in love with each other. The backdrop of the story (MDI, Gurgaon) makes this one (alike the previous two) another campus-based-romantic-novel. The story circulates around the life of Dev and Avantika in college, along with Dev’s friends named Shashank and Mittal; the other major protagonists being Malini and Kabir.

Dev and Avantika enjoy life with each other like every other couple on earth would have loved to do. They share a very strong bonding with each other, and tend to enjoy life the best way possible. But as often happens in relationships, they also had their share of misunderstandings, mistakes, adulteries – not always the end of which becomes a dream walk and a patch up with your lover. Dev falters not once, but twice, from the trust that he has gained from Avantika over time. Though the first time things got sorted out, it was during the second incident that all hell broke loose on their relationship. The advent of Malini in Dev’s life has been nicely crafted by the author, as well as the well-reserved twist regarding whether Avantika also initiated herself to debauchery or not.

Writing: Though not a very pleasant ending the reader can expect, SBUID somehow will truly be liked by college-going and high-school students. The possible reason can be the lifestyle showcased in the novel. The author’s writing is casual, not giving much attention to the literary and classical style. The excess use of slangs in the most unnecessary way possible does not help SBUID much. From critical readers, reviewers and writers, SBUID will never get the importance which the author would have liked to receive for his hard work.

The starting of SBUID was impressive, the carrying out of the pace in the middle portion was pathetic, but with a much better cover-up at the end. Printing and editing works made the experience a rather bitter one. SBUID was first published by Srishti Publishers in 2010, and the copy I went through was its 4th impression from a 2011 print. The printing mistakes were rather unexpected and hence, made worse impression throughout. Also, the title of the book sounds so much like a cliched Bollywood movie that a reader may often decide not to take the pain of buying the book, if not known from before. A cliched title often sets your mood off, and that had even happened to me when I decided to go through SBUID.

P.S. For instance, noticed how I never mentioned the ‘catchline’ with acronym ‘IJKSE’?

Ask for recommendation? I will say this is an one time read. Not much recommended, in an overall basis. In case, you want some quality recommendations of Indian works by Indian authors, drop me a mail using the ‘Contact’ page. I will love to get back to you.

Overall rating: 5.5/10

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