When I got the book in hand for the first time, the first thing that crossed my mind was: “This book must have a melodramatic, girly storyline and I surely I will have a tough time going thorough it.”
Now that I am done with the book and have settled down for writing this review, the first thing that’s crossing my mind is: “I am happy that I have read this book.” This self-talking may sound as cliched, boring and melodramatic as the title of the book, but this thought also reminds me ‘not to judge a book by its cover’.

This was how I started the review of Bhavna Rai’s debut novel. Bhavna is the author of ‘Fate, Fraud & A Friday Wedding’, a story sorrounding the lives of Indian youths partly in the USA and partly, in India, set in the backdrop of the IT and BPO industry.

Go through the review here: ‘Fate, Fraud & A Friday Wedding’ by Bhavna Rai

About the author: Excerpt reads like “In real life, which involves around a career made in IT, I’m a workaholic mother-of-two and Hong Kong is the city my husband and I call home.”
The rest? Go through yourself in the ‘About Me‘ section of Bhavna’s website.

Am privileged to have her on my blog today.

1. You have been a successful Software professional for long. What inspired you to become an author?

Actually the aspiration to write a novel was there long before I became software professional, right from school in fact, it was always there on the back of my mind as something I’d get to, someday. However it was only after I had worked for several years that I really figured out what I want to write, or rather, the people and environment I wanted to write about and that is mostly inspired by my career. So for me, software professional and author somehow go together.

2. Since you are a first-time writer, what all expectations did you have from the Indian publishing industry?

I really didn’t know what to expect, or who to contact or how to work with the publishing industry. I learnt as I went along.

3. Were your expectations fulfilled in a positive way? What all obstructions did you face to get a publishing house for your book?

I would definitely say it wasn’t easy. I always believed that I had written a good book that people would relate to and enjoy reading. However I didn’t know how to pitch this book to publishers, especially those who may be more interested in literary writing styles than contemporary content. I would say I was lucky to find a publisher that saw the potential in my book.

4. Do you think how a book fairs in the market depend much on how it is publicized? How have you used social media networks for the publicity of your book?

Publicity and marketing is definitely critical, but I think word of mouth and positive reviews can have an even greater impact. I have used social media extensively. Folks have been blogging and tweeting about Fate, Fraud And A Friday Wedding and I believe this can really help me reach out to a wide audience, both at home in India and abroad.

5. Apart from online publicity, did you participate in offline publicity too? Organized events, contests, give-aways?

Not yet, but maybe later in the year when I am in Delhi.

6. How authentic is your portrayal of the Indian Software industry?

Well the industry continues to change and evolve. What I have written is what I have seen and experienced, so I would certainly call it authentic.

7. You have lived abroad for a considerable long period of time. But why did you select India to be the background of your story?

India is not just the background of my story. It is the story. Fate, Fraud And A Friday Wedding is set in a time when India was going through tremendous transformation and I wanted to write about how people’s lives have been transformed as well.

8. Are you working on any new project? When can we readers expect it to hit the market?

Some ideas have been taking shape, but I haven’t committed to any of them, yet.

9. Are you satisfied with the outcome of the sales volume of your book? If not, are there any marketing aspects you would have liked to work on if given a chance?

The book has been available for 3 months now. I would say I am satisfied with how it’s doing and really happy with all the reviews received so far.

10. How tough is it to balance your profession, personal life and now, writing all at once?

It’s extremely difficult because all aspects are important to me as an individual. I would say that my family was extremely supportive. That certainly helped. And my career has always been very important to me, so I would never let either suffer. I would mostly write between 9 pm and 2 am. Interestingly, when you’re passionate about something, you do find the time to do it, somehow or the other.

Few details:

The author on Facebook: Bhavna Rai
The author on Twitter: @bhavnarai
The novel on Facebook: Fate, Fraud & A Friday Wedding
Author’s website: bhavnarai.com

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