Author: Shreya Chatterjee
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 96
Price: Rs. 100.00

This review is going to be a poetry-review. I am not yet sure if anything like that exists at all, or is supposed to exist, but then why not give it a try!
The book that am reviewing here, ‘Musings of a Wanderer‘ by Shreya Chatterjee is a poetry collection. A breezy read, a touchy collection of poems, with subject matters you can relate to on a everyday basis – ‘Musings of a Wanderer‘ is a highly recommended collection every poetry lovers should go through. It being Shreya’s debut work gives it more importance. We, from BTL, are totally awed by the poems in the book, and this is for the first time that we are taking so interest in making a book review a special one, one off the limits of the expected sorts, one off the limits of cliched literature writing.

As I got this book from Shreya,
My mind went into a silent prayer,
Let it prove to all
Poetry has, of its own, a soul.
A soul few fortunates possess
Longing for love, respect, caress.

Eighty-five poems in well-reviewed lines
This collection is fine,
Lines to rhyme,
Bells to chime;
Tell me if it does not touch your mind.

A work well-done by the editors,
Seldom done so well by other mere equals
of the same kind.
Stands out, you ask?
I will smile, a gentle one
Give it a chance, give it some time;
And you will like the style.

A blogger-turned-published-poet that Shreya is,
‘Musings of a Wanderer’ is the brainchild of this miss.
Fresh as dewdrops, close to heart
I rate it among the tops of my chart.
‘Musings of a Wanderer’ is not reprimanded,
Rather I tell you, it’s highly recommended.

Musings of a Wanderer‘ by Shreya Chatterjee is a poetry collection of its own kind. For us reviewers, it’s not always that we get to review poetries. So, when I got the offer to do the same, it was just a matter of minutes for me to express a positive nod. And, now that I am done with the book, looking back to the decision makes me realize how well-taken it was.

Shreya’s writings are crisp, and simple. Many readers may have a preconceived notion that poetries are something not everyone can understand. Shreya’s writings will definitely help to get rid of these misconceptions. Her fluent use of the language, apt word-choice, and moreover, the close-to-heart subject matters of each of the poems make ‘Musings of a Wanderer‘ a wonderful collection.

Since this part of the review is more of a discussion, I should mention that one of the best things about this collection was the editing from the publisher’s side. I have not seen an Indian writer’s book as clean as this one in a long time.

Writing the review in a poetry format came naturally, of course Shreya’s works acting as the inspiration for the dormant bunch of energy. Thanks to her for that.

Anyways, from among all the eighty-five poems of the collection, here are my favorite picks:
1. ‘World within a world
2. ‘Her foot friend played hide and seek
3. ‘She has no words, but she knows me well
4. ‘A quiet afternoon
5. ‘The waiting
6. ‘Sound of raindrops
7. ‘Brain storm
8. ‘In pursuit of Happyness
9. ‘That little girl
10. ‘Seagulls
11. ‘Clubbed down thoughts
12. ‘Wires

Thanks to Shreya for her awesome works. All the best for the success of ‘Musings of a Wanderer‘.

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