Author: Nisha Arppit
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789380834122
Pages: 153
Price: Rs. 99.00

Trapped Wings, Open Sky’ by Nisha Arppit is a novel set in the foreground of high profile jobs in MNCs. It’s a story of a girl who fights the patriarchal society with all her strength. A book written well, with characters interesting enough to get quite a hang of, this debut novel by the author has got tremendous capability to make readers like it thoroughly.

The major protagonists of ‘Trapped Wings, Open Sky’ are Preet (the girl mentioned above), her ubiquitous roommates Komal and Sneha, Aman, her guy crush; and minor protagonists in the form of Preet’s bosses. Though I mentioned them as ‘minor protagonists’, but they are ones who made Preet fight their methodologies, lecherous approaches – which in turn, made here come out as a stronger woman at the end of the ordeal. Aman has been portrayed as the guy every girl dreams of marrying. In the process of her fighting the system, Preet starts to acknowledge Aman’s support, and in turn expect a stand behind her from Aman’s side. She realizes that she has fallen for him. The writer has done quite a good job running the different problems in the lives of all the three women, (Preet, Sneha, Komal), in parallel, with ease. Preet has been characterized as the woman with a strong will who is willing to travel places, fight goons, break clichés of the unwritten social rules regarding everything related to a girl’s life.

Trapped Wings, Open Sky’ by Nisha gives the reader an opportunity to look into the female psyche intensely. The story of Preet’s life, along with the timely intervention and proper moulding of the other characters in the plot makes the novel a really good read.

Writing: The book starts in a way which can confuse any reader. With two separate stories in two different chapters with no relation between them, ‘Trapped wings, Open sky’ may have a different starting, but the way the author has managed to build up a momentum from there on, and continue it till the end of the story is quite commendable. Not too wordy, simple sentence building, flavors of innocence intertwined in between – this book is surely a recommended read.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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