Author: Jyoti Arora
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788192079691
Pages: 255
Price: Rs. 195.00

The title of the book seems coming out straight from a dreamy Bollywood movie, invariably a love story, where the girl is a dreamer madly in love with her hero. And at the end of the movie, she has a life which is picture perfect with a happy ending. ‘Dream’s Sake‘, the title, with its dreamy cover picture is a total misfit to all the content that is there between the covers of the book. Frankly speaking, for me, ‘Dream’s Sake‘ by Jyoti Arora was a total surprise package, helping me to believe all over again in the much said proverb ‘don’t judge a book by its cover‘.

Dream’s Sake‘, with major protagonists Aashi, Priyam, Abhi, Sid and Raj, is a story about friendship and love, where the protagonists fight dark clouds in one or the other point in their lives. But at the end of all, they all stay afloat by means of chasing their dreams, except one. Abhi, Priyam’s brother, as portrayed by the author, can be easily said to be one of the most powerful (in a different way) characters in Indian novels of recent times. He has seen life from a distance very few does. Being an orphan from a very young age, Abhi has been the pillar of support for his younger sister Priyam. Life has forced him to take up responsibilities when he was young enough to play around and enjoy. And that invariably has made him a strong willed, mature individual, who banks of his subtle senses to enjoy life, to love others and be loved. The ending of ‘Dream’s Sake‘ is not something all the readers will like a novel of such calibre to end, but if pondered over in solitude, it can be realised to be one of the logically ways to carve out the ending. It’s upto the author as to how he/she decides to do justice to the character that is her brainchild, and in the context of this novel, Jyoti Arora deserves respect for taking such a hard decision to keep the integrity of the storyline intact.

Writing:Dream’s Sake‘ by Jyoti Arora can be a perfect example of the power of writing, by virtue of which a rather cliched storyline can be totally transformed and presented to the readers as a superb reading experience. Very simple use of words, less of complex or compund sentences, fluent portrayal of events – these are one of the many brighter sides of Jyoti’s writing skills.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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