Author: Mark Stephen Levy
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788192066936
Pages: 256
Price: Rs. 195.00

Love adventure? Travelling?
Have the courage to leave behind all the strings of the material world and go for an unknown path that may lead you to more uncertainty than you can ever think of?
Love your partner enough to chase him/her all across the world to win him/her?
If most of the replies are positives, ‘Overland’ may be the book you should grab, forget the world and what all are happening all around you, sit in the most favorite corner of your house and go through the book.
If you are really the type of person who really is ready to follow his heart for what all he loves, ‘Overland’ may end up being the dream read you have been waiting for.

Overland’ by Mark Stephen Levy is the story of a young American named Danny who follows his heart for the person he loves. He loves his girl Heather so much that he follows her all across the world to win her, to make her forget all the nuisances and darkness of the materialistic side of this world. Circumstances make them meet each other, only to let Danny lose her again, this time for good. The reason is as grave as a war breaking between the Russians and the Afghans, and in the midst of it, Danny loses his most precious person in his life, Heather. Though life has been much unfair to Danny before, this time what all happens, happens for his own good. In the war torn country, which is otherwise the heaven for travelers from across the world, Danny makes friends, and in the process, gets back Emily, his childhood crush, back in his life.
Mark has been a true storyteller who portrays characters and settings in a way as practical as much it can be. The best part of ‘Overland’, undoubtedly, is after Emily and Danny met each other. The escape from Kabul, the chase by the Russians, the incidents in the village where they took refuge, and at the end of all, the way Danny gets back true love in his life – proves how much of a realist Mark as a person can be. And that has been totally reflected in ‘Overland’.

Writing: This is a story from a true storyteller. Mark has been a bit conspicuous in his approach to make this story make a mark in the earlier parts of the book. But as the plot moves on, his ability to create intensity instills life, as a result of which, at the end ‘Overland’ impresses the reader more than he, the reader could have ever thought the storyline can do. Though questions, regarding why the flashback was put through in such a way at the very opening of the book, may exist in many readers’ minds, but it can be assured that no lag in the smoothness of the storyline has been affected by that. Overall, good words about ‘Overland’, a story of travelling by a traveler, are here to stay for quite some time. And obviously, all the credit goes straight to its creator, Mark Stephen Levy.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Personal Note about the author: Mark has been quite a good friend from the day I got to know about ‘Overland’. That he contacted me himself, made all arrangements to send me a copy of his book via his publishers in India (all the way from his home in Denver, Colorado), and the way he has been in contact always, is very impressive to say the least. Unfortunately, I could not visit him the day he came to Kolkata, even after him sharing his phone number and all. That’s a regret, which I hope I will not have to carry for long. Cheers to Mark!

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