Author: Chital Mehta
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788183520133
Pages: 220
Price: Rs. 125.00

‘The Promise’ by Chital Mehta is the narration of a male protagonist penned by a female writer. It gets deceptive when one reads the story written that way and in fact it gets funnier when the character shoots his sarcasm upon females and their characteristics.

A story of love and relations that revolve around Commitment and fidelity, four friends of which one manages to get the love of his life where another one is devoid of it falling out of a long relationship, Author Chital Mehta has tried her best to bring out the subtle aspects of life in metro city Bangalore. Unlike few other Novels it offers simple language which although happens to be syntactically funny at times. The plot is what makes the story stand out. It is not another college story, no IIT or IIM guy fiddling with his life in every other pages and in fact it is an attempt by a fairer sex to carve out a story of life as seen through the eyes of a male protagonist. It must have been a hard endeavour, we agree. It gives an insight about how girls think, which the 21st century guys are craving for.

‘The Promise’ By Chital Mehta is a delight when it comes to bringing out the special bonds of friends and it’s even better to see how profound is the attachment between the family members when the protagonist Ajay returns back to his house after being a rebel since his dad scolded him. The story draws the conclusion that if one is true to his mind, there is always a way out that comes to one’s rescue to help him get his love by his side. Rajat, Prem, Ajay, Sid – you will be able to relate yourself to any of the four characters. With a twist of a love triangle yet sacrifice ‘The Promise’ receives an unconventional touch.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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