Author: Rajeev Ranjan
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788128832786
Pages: 212
Price: 100.00

Love, Infatuation, Friendship, Dreams, Family, Siblings, Human Psychology- it’s hard to summarise the content of the novel and connect them as a meaningful sentence. The title of the novel is quite a misnomer for its refined story which is much more than just a story of teenage love/lust.

‘A Splash of love, a kiss of Infatuation’ by Rajeev Ranjan is a novel that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions while it teaches you the vitality of relationships and what role they can play in determining one’s destiny. Unlike most Indian Fiction novels it deals not just with the relationship between two lovers but also between siblings, and friends. It is a delightful novel which urges you to put on your thinking cap and introspect of what you really want in your life – Is the Love of your life more important than your own Success or does it work the other way around. More importantly, is there any way out to maintain a balance between the two?

This novel is much different from the contemporary fictions in which the protagonist confesses his mistakes, his sins repeatedly but finds himself trapped and inclined towards infidelity. The story mentions the umpteen number of sacrifices a girl can make for the love of her life and even break her own principle and even put her whole career at stake to save her soul mates’ job while he turns out to be a coward putting rational grounds to defend himself in the eyes of society and his best friend. The story touches the areas like corruption, need for the change and how easy it is to bring a change if one is resolved and yearns for it from the core of his heart. The author also highlighted the slavery issue in which people are treated like commodities in big cities (read metros) but they are contented since they are successful in bringing smiles on the faces of the ones they love.
The story repeats the Divine teaching of ‘Karma’ where the protagonist is punished for his past sins and he graciously accepts it & becomes a better individual.
The novel also talks about the selfless and immaterial aspect of love which overlooks the immaculate factor called ‘beauty’ which now a days is indomitably an obsession among the youths. It inspires that if one is true and honest, he might get the help of some divine power which enables him to overcome all the hurdles ahead. There might be some delay to reach the goal, but sooner or later he does get the one he deserves. It reignites the faith and establishes the fact that honest emotions do yield tangible results.

Writing: The maturity with which the author dealt with each and every subject (especially the delicate aspects of relationships) deserves respect and the reader is left mesmerized while he acknowledges what all he subconsciously learnt while flipping through the pages of the book. It’s hard to justify the storyline which connects so many subjects in a few strings of words but one thing is for sure you won’t regret spending time on such a marvellous piece of creativity.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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