Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789380828541
Pages: 162
Price: 150.00

‘Autumn In My Heart’ by Saptarshi Basu is the tale of the quintessential human being we all have inside us. Be it the Software Engineer guy Deb, or the forced-by-family-to-get-married girl Ayantika, or the other parallel characters like Sagarika, Sujoy, Priyanka, and the office colleagues of Deb – ‘Autumn In My Heart’ tells the story of US, as a whole. The author Saptarshi Basu just had to take the pain to pen it down in a concrete basis in between two covers, efficiently. He did exactly that, and how!

Saptarshi Basu, the author, talks about the Bengali culture and sentiments in a way that not many authors from this side of the country has done recently. At least, not us from ‘Between The Lines’ have gone through such works lately. Naturally, ‘Autumn In My Heart’ was like a whiff of fresh air. And, the author has not disappointed. During these days of SOBA (serial-obsession-of-being-an-author, as we call it sometimes on BTL), Saptarshi Basu brings in some fresh change to the lackadaisical writings that we get to face otherwise. Though ‘Autumn In My Heart’ straight reminds me of the Korean movie of the same name (Korean, right? Or Japanese it is? :O), we understand that even phrases tend to become limited at times, when one needs to express himself just like the way he wants to. Talk about cliches, the book never makes you feel it for once.

The novel is written with Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, as the backdrop to it. The so well known roads and places have been described with such elan that the reviewer tends to wonder if another ‘Autumn In My Heart’ is being played currently in those streets. Such effortless and natural feeling it has been as a reader!

Writing: As a whole, ‘Autumn In My Heart’ is a recommended read. Being only 162 pages makes it a breezy read. But, the editing fails to impress, and at times brings down the efforts of the writer. Sometimes, it’s too hard to ignore printing mistakes which are too unrealistic to be true.

About the Author: A Gold Medallist in Mechanical Engineering, Saptarshi Basu has worked with the top 3 IT MNCs in India. He had subsequently lived in London, Toronto, Dubai and San Francisco before moving back to his native place, Kolkata. A prolific blogger and an avid traveller, he has been into writing for long having published his poems and stories in different magazines of his earlier organizations.
Currently he works as a Project Manager in one of the leading IT MNC in Kolkata. His first novel, ‘LOVE {LOGIC} & THE GOD’S ALGORITHM’ is now a best-seller in Infibeam,a popular online store. His second novel, ‘AUTUMN IN MY HEART’, marketed and distributed by TIMES GROUP which talks about broken love and homosexuality is now creating lot of stir.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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