Author: Douglas Misquita
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789380154954
Pages: 372
Price: 298.00

‘Haunted’ by Douglas Misquita is engaging from the first page itself and is a good fast-paced action thriller. The plot is complex and involves many different characters, thus keeping you engaged. It’s wonderful and gripping. This is not one of those average easy, breezy reads which you can read whenever you find some time. This book needs your time and attention and you will surely love it as it entertains you throughout. As the plot unfolds, you seem to be seated on a roller coaster ride – thrilling to an extent that it would seem to appear to you from nowhere. The description is written in great detail (which may sometimes turn out to be quite irritating), which helps the reader to imagine the exact sequence of events that are happening around him. To a serious reader – these set of events and being able to imagine them serially (by virtue of the writer’s ability to draw a picture in the readers’ mind) give out a feeling that a movie is being played in his head. At certain junctures the book might seem to be a little drag, but the author assures that the tempo remains high most of the times and holds your attention.
The description of the plot, the environment, characters and their emotions is well done. While you read, every word seeps in to your head and creates a vivid picture. If you are an imaginative person, then ‘Haunted’ will enthrall you totally.

Writing: For a debut writer Douglas Misquita, ‘Haunted’ as a novel is too well written, executed and planned. His wit and an eye for detail enthralls the readers. The front cover has a meaning attached to it when you look at it carefully. The black and white resembles the ying and yang in the life of the protagonist Kirk Ingram. This book certainly doesn’t seem to be a debut effort (and that too by an Indian author), as it’s quite polished, enjoyable and free from grammatical errors.

Overall Rating: 7/10
If you’re a fan of action thriller novels, then you need not read the whole review and sit down to judge if it’s worthy enough. Go ahead and grab this book. It’s a must read for you. :)

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