Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9780143067924
Pages: 384
Price: 299.00

‘Vivek was all I wanted. I was ready to do anything for him. He reminded me of Krishna, the love that I had lost and yet he was so different—young, innocent, totally oblivious to the ills of the world, unmindful of my deep desire to possess him, make him my own. It was all consuming, this need, this craving . . . ’

‘Vivek and I’ is a love story penned by Mayur Patel. That’s quite normal, until you get to know that it’s a love story that talks about the male bonding. Presented straight, ‘Vivek and I’ is a gay love story.

The major protagonists of this novel are Kaushik and Vivek. The author, Mayur Patel does a good job to express the intricate aspects of male bonding quite efficiently in ‘Vivek and I’. The story line has the sleepy, small town of Valai as the backdrop. The small town itself acts as a complimentary character to the entire love story that unwinds itself in between Vivek and Kaushik. The first person account of Kaushik is quite nicely presented. Being published by none other than ‘Penguin Books’ helped in the near fool-proof presentation of the book.

This book presents the fact efficiently that though it’s all about male bonding, but the major twists, likeliness and other different aspects of that feeling called Love remains all the same. Afterall, it’s the human heart at work. And it works just the way one expects it to be. Love as a whole wins the game, at the end of the day. Who becomes a part of it, and who plays the role of major protagonists does not matter much. Mayur Patel, the author, has taken quite a significant step towards building up a much important and required awareness among everyone regarding the various aspects of same-sex love and relationships, which still is considered as a taboo among the citizens of our so-called developed (or developing) country.

About the Author: Mayur Patel has a Diploma in Civil Engineering and has done a course in Computer Aided Design (CAD). He is currently working in the field of architecture.Though he is passionate about writing, he enjoys a wide variety of activities like reading, gardening, watching Hollywood movies and travelling. The author lives in Valsad, Gujarat with his family. He can be contacted at

Overall Rating: 7/10

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