Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789381626368
Pages: 333
Price: 295.00

‘Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul – A Book of Miracles’ is a compilation by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen & Raksha Bharadia. Raksha Bharadia is the well-acclaimed editor of more than one titles in the ‘Chicken Soup for Indian Soul’ series, and Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are New York Times #1 bestselling co-authors. So, it can be well-understood that this compilation also is going to be worth the hype.

It’s a book for the mind, written from the core of the heart by some much talented writers from all over the country. As the title mentions, this book of the series contains ‘101 True Stories of Healing, Faith, Divine Intervention and Answered Prayers’.

For someone like me who is not into all of these aspects of the mind, this book came as an unwanted surprise. Though pretty decent to start with the editorial of Raksha Bharadia, the twelve content categories seemed to be like a drag of each over the other. The content categories were:
1. Signs from Above
2. The Healing Power of a Prayer
3. Love from Beyond
4. His/Her Messenger
5. His Saving Grace
6. Angels Amongst Us
7. Answered Prayers
8. Everyday Miracles
9. Divine Appointment
10. The Magic of Faith
11. Our Guardian Angel
12. Call from Within

Content Discussion: Just from the names of the categories one can well understand the genre of the overall content of the book, coming in the form of 101 separate short stories. This compilation, though had prominent names on board, has got some clever moves indicated in the planning of the book by the editors in the form of compiling numerous crisp 1-2 pages’ short stories. If only it had been longer ones, or in the form of more than 2-3 long stories, it could have been a major drag for the readers to go through one cover to the other. The publishing work is pretty impressive, given the less numbers of printing mistakes and other follies related to the same. But, one wonders if the covers could have been made into something distinct, and less graphical.
The authors in the compilation ranges from teenagers to veterans, and that’s a brilliant step taken by the editorial team, one feels. Few stories stand out and really move the readers in a way that they are forced to think about the existence of a superficial force above us all, somewhere. And that’s a clear winner for the compilation.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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