Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789380349237
Pages: 212
Price: 100.00

Plot Discussion:Corporate Atyaachaar‘ by Abhay Nagarajan is the quintessential quirky, fast office humour book that helps you unwind at the end of a tough day at the workplace. It’s the story of the protagonist working under a dominating, hard-faced boss who tries to control every aspect of the lives of his subordinates, and how!

This book covers the nuances of the finance industry and is a perfect example of how humour can be laced around the otherwise hard and humourless world of investment, financial returns, stock market et al. The author has created the characters of the protagonist and the boss (fondly called as HBS; you need to go through the book to know why he is called so), and the other parallel characters with such elan that the comical aspects seems to be realistic, and the readers get awed. Oh, in case you have noticed ‘Office Doormat‘ on the cover and wondering what that probably means, you need to get a life, or get this book!

The author is in the verge of coming out with his second book, and the readers have great expectations from him, thanks to the good read ‘Corporate Atyachaar‘ has been throughout the 212 pages, from cover to cover. The various incidents that enrich the non-financial experiences of the protagonist (like the dancing dog or the house hunt) makes up the perfect background for the unwinding of the story and the author has kept up the pace with proficiency.

A financial advisor himself, Abhay Nagarajan’s debut novel has been named aptly and a reader can’t avoid acknowledging that ‘Corporate Atyaachaar‘ is a journey well memorable. Overall, a recommended read.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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