Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788171670407
Pages: 247
Price: 95.00

When I read about Sachin Garg and his Credentials like ‘MTV Author Worth Checking Out’ and others from the likes of Times Of India and Red FM, I was Wondering if the hype is justified. It took me to check his blog to get convinced of the substance. The blog is incredible and the sense of humour, incomparable.
I hadn’t read Sachin Garg’s last novel ‘I Am Not Twenty four’ but I started this one first since it proclaimed that it’s the real story of his life. Naturally, I was more inclined as anyone else would have been.

Plot Discussion: The start to ‘It’s First Love’ makes it an interesting read and makes an impact on the reader. The very first chapter ‘Different People, Different answers’ defining different dimensions of love depicted depth and breadth of mature thinking. I started with a renewed interest as the story takes a good plot while holding my breath about how a love triangle forms. Soon it gets simplified, giving me a sigh of relief as if I was praying Sachin to get the girl he loved i.e. Kanika. Their love progresses but as in any story nothing is smooth and there are hiccups. This story goes even more gripping when one gets to know that Kanika’s mother caught AIDS due to drug addiction, and one contemplates about his lifestyle and is more resolved to stay away from such substances.
The story goes on a serious note from there and once again there are a lots of twists and turns. The sideline characters stay sideline and the protagonist gets back his love, for his emotions are visibly true. Gradually, everything starts to take a positive shape. A brilliant climax gets set, and soon enough, well that is for you to find out…

Writing: Undoubtedly a good read, the author makes you live the scenes yourself and that’s the connectivity one expects from a good novel. The humor was not too evident but that’s justified since the plot was on the serious side. Credit must be given if the author claims to disclose his real life on such a scale.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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