Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788129117908
Pages: 98
Price: 95.00

Plot Discussion: When was the last time you read a 98-pages’ ‘novel’?
When was the last time you read a 98-pages’ ‘novel’ and did not complain?

‘Office Shocks’ by Sumit Aggarwal really is a shocker. Happened like this: I was waiting for the book to arrive some fortnight ago, and when it really did, what impressed me was the quality of the print. But, that the ‘novel’ was a 98 pager one, was really the biggest shock. The author seems to have this knack of living upto the expectations from the people around him. Reflected right away in the naming of the book as well as the content. Kudos.

‘Office Shocks’ is all about a motormouth, high-thinking, opinionated typical B-school graduate who joins the corporate world and is amazed by the plethora of activities he faces throughout the ups and downs of his first day at work. That’s all. Plot divulging is really not our cup of tea, or so we believe.

Sumit Aggarwal’s take on the much-tried corporate world (specifically the software industry) is from the view of a novice first timer. And that’s where the author has played his cards right for the formation of this book. Our experience says, until and unless you are a real veteran in the said industry, you don’t gather the wisdom to know where to stop or which curve to tickle when you take up the pen to write on the corporate world. Many an author commit the same mistake and somehow, gets drowned in the flood of the phenomenon called the modern-Indian-English-writing. Sumit’s cards have been played right, and no wonder he is doing good out there, with readers from all across the country adoring his book.

‘Office Shocks’ is a fast read, a real entertainer with quality writing skills from the author’s end. It’s a book you will like to punch in your office backpack and during a very tough day (with your boss looking for your head), go through it to put your worries away and have a good laugh. That way, this book is *highly* recommended, considering how much of an easy as well as fast read it is.

Overall Rating: 8/10
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