Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789380349404
Pages: 205
Price: 100.00

In one line, there can’t been a funnier novel. The sense of humor is just perfect and enough to crack a laughter riot. This novel is a sequel to the author’s previous book, and hence one stays unsure to go through this one unless the previous one has been devoured already. I started anyway. After initial hiccups, I was tuned along. The natural writing style with a guy next door appeal worked. There is nothing seemingly plastic or made up and the narration is racy enough to keep one hooked to the book till the last page. The novel had many subtle teachings, about alcoholism and smoking addictions. It’s great to find young writers taking up the hull on their shoulders to include social messages in their novels.

Plot Discussion: The protagonists are Kanav and his girlfriend. They are separated due to the girls tyrant mother who doesn’t want to see them together and hence sends her daughter to her uncle’s house in America. From there they still manage to be in contact but eventually, things get tougher. And at the same breath, the story gets better with all the twists and turns. That’s when our protagonist along with his awesome friends decide to write it all, write it as a novel and present it as a gift to his girlfriend when they would be meeting after a long time.
The story is intriguing, full of emotions, laughter, social messages, harsh reality, and the narration is just perfect to make it all look as if it could have happened with you or your closest friend. There is nothing like the regular IITian story where the protagonist is obsessed about his royal lineage of belonging to an IIT and the story is all about love and the trials it has to face.

The story ends on an incomplete note and author makes way for his third novel in the Trilogy. The last chapter titled from the next book is the most interesting one but I would suggest you not to read it since it would make you wait desperately for the next one. My suggestion or whatever, this marketing gimmick by the author brings him among the likes of Mr. Chetan Bhagat to take up interesting (and cliched) strategies to pave way to brilliant marketing of their books.

Verdict: While I order his previous one, just be assured that you can definitely order this one.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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The author on Facebook: Harsh Snehanshu
The novel on Facebook: ‘Ouch that hearts!’

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