Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788129117410
Pages: 157
Price: 195.00

About the Author: Rikin Khamar was born in West London, England, in March 1980. As a child, on the weekends he found himself in a church, park, zoo, gallery, or a museum in Central London, where he dreamed of far-away places and adventures. In contrast, most of his summers were spent in a wonderful ashram in Gujarat, or touring different parts of India with his mother and sister. Today, he is the product of these two diverse environments and cultures; and he’s very proud of it. [Courtesy:]

Plot Discussion: Rikin Khamar explores the increasingly popular genre of historical fiction in his first book ‘The Lotus Queen’. The entire story is well researched and the descriptions are very vivid even though the book is quite short.

The story follows the popular Indian tale of Queen Padmini, the wife of Rawal Rattan Singh. Famed for her beauty and her feisty wit, the tales of Queen Padmini’s allure even reached the ears of the Delhi Sultanate. The power hungry Sultan of Delhi, Ala’uddin Khilji uses this as an excuse to attack Chittor, but the Rajput Kingdom ishardly one fourth the size of the Delhi Sultanate.

The narration has a certain charm that manages to capture the mood of the period. The language is smooth and flowing and the chapters are very well linked. This is attributed to the way the story is told from different angles yet reflecting the same values and feelings from all sides. While the entire story is crafted in a very beautiful manner, the story wraps up very well but fails to leave an impact on the writer.

The Lotus Queen is very well written keeping in mind the absence of concrete facts. The book is well paced and is a good read for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Overall Rating: 8/10
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