Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789380154534
Pages: 237
Price: 245.00

Plot Discussion: The late Peter Wilkins, has left his only grandson with a handwritten autobiography. Through the pages of ‘One Star 2 many’, Lil’ John sees life through his grandfather’s eyes. The autobiography spans Peter’s entire life with important excerpts from his youth and the lessons that everyone will learn in life. The book starts with Peter’s life at school and focuses on his friends and it moves on to his work and love life.The book explains Peter’s relationships with various people including his son Eric and this forms a suitable sub plot for the story.

‘What goes around comes around’ belongs to the section of books that strive hard to make a lasting impact but fall short of it almost cruelly. While the thought process behind the book is deep and intense, some of the incidents and characters tend to be superficial and pretentious. Although the language in the book is crisp and simple, it hinders the flow of the story.

The plot, though a tad clichéd is still quite enjoyable. The chapters relating John’s experiences while reading his grandfather’s autobiography are well placed and provide a fresh change to the reader.

The book has worked hard to maintain a sense of gentleness and moral tidbits are spread all over the pages. While in some cases, you are forced to wonder in other instances, it will remind you of 6th grade moral science classes. Overall the book does live up to its name. You will wonder what you did to ever deserve such an uncomfortable read.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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