Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788129117816
Pages: 340
Price: 295.00

Plot Discussion: It is strictly not a regular book, if you have an attention span of a 16 year old teenager. I Would recommend you NOT To read this book!

I must add, if you can focus even a little, you would enjoy the subtle humour and philosophy shared through this book. It is a story of a guy who lives with a cousin who recounts his college days at DEFCOM, India’s best Army Medical college. He narrates how the best things can be the worst or vice versa. The story is neat and clean with a slight sly humour and is not like the regular mushy love stories. Much more than that, this book portrays a mature perspective upon life, relationships, friendships, God, philosophy.

It’s a story of seven friends who name their gangs as maniacs and recall their old times sharing their rendezvous like impersonating as an MNC Employee and sweeping off a 5-star hotel dinner and also moral fight for changing the tyrant system which led to a tragedy with one of the students. Unlike most of the stories, the limelight is not centered on the protagonist but is initially distributed equally among all while later, upon the two main characters. While in the middle it does become a bit strenuous but soon enough it is at the normal relishing pace. The last part is more intriguing and indulging than the first half and the teachings and philosophy advocated certainly makes you think once again about the contemporary beliefs. I am tempted to add, page no. 296 to page 307 is something, you would like to tear off from the book and keep it with you to read it repeatedly.

The climax is unpredictable and the bottom line goes to the ‘Rang De Basanti’ famous quote “Be A Rebel”. While one may be apprehensive before picking up the book by looking at its 340 page width but once picked up you won’t regret it for sure.

Overall Rating: 8/10
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The author on Facebook: N Sampath Kumar

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