Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789381115985
Pages: 239
Price: 145.00

About the Author: Tapan Ghosh is an engineer by profession but an adventurous man at heart who has lived life on his terms.
His book ‘Faceless’ is his first foray outside the field of Science and Technology. His honest style draws extensively from people and places he knows and is familiar with.
There is an autobiographical element in the book and the backdrop is SoBo or South Bombay (Mumbai, to be politically correct). The milieu captures the essence of today’s urban Mumbai. [Courtesy:]

Plot Discussion: As a starter, this novel was engrossing. In the initial chapters there was a sketch of the major characters of the novel and the story seemed to go slow. Suddenly it picks up the pace and story becomes intriguing with protagonist Shom still being an enigmatic cast. His portrayal was eccentric and not something one can easily relate to.
The story was about an extramarital affair due to emotional needs of a man whose wife is not feeding him the intellectual compatibility, which is thereafter followed by lust. The story brings out the dilemma and fickle minded state of the person involved in it and his best friend playing the usual role. The novel was declared to be an autobiographical one.
The whole story was narrated in a grave tone with lack of humour, although there is an occasional sprinkling of words of wisdom and philosophy but that doesn’t compensate for the monotony and story seems to be dragging in the middle. There is a twist in the middle and that regains the attention of the readers. The ending, as penned down, is unexpected and hard to believe when compared to real life situations.
The climax seemed to be inspired from the famous Indian Movie “A Wednesday” but the author failed to justify the conditions to introduce the sudden change in the protagonist’s purpose of life.
Overall, an okay-ish read.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10
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