Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9780143415022
Pages: 164
Price: 100.00

Plot Discussion: A breezy 154 page reciting tales of an uncontrollable hormonal flush in a boy is a perfect remedy if you feel overtly sophisticated by the numerous classics available for consumption. A pop fiction with no intentions of becoming a literary artwork, “I Never Thought I Could Fall In Love” penned by Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu is plain, simple and light read. A two hour book with a coffee break, it can be classified as a perfect journey companion (If you believe in laughing that is.)

The story set in Punjab University revolves around a wannabe Playboy – Ronnie aka Romil Khanna for whom girls are like a use and throw pen. Hailing from Patiala and son to strict doctor father, he moves to Chandigarh to study Engineering where he befriends Mickey aka Mukul. It casually describes what a teen in life goes through when college dawns at him – sex, infatuation, bikes, hostel, cops and finally the vital element Love. The book centres on Ronnie finding his true love during the mayhem ridden years of examinations and classes and how he flatters his lady love, even if it means getting involved with criminals.

A very lusty temptation for a teen, the book grabs your attention by its cover alone. Full of cheesy lines and flirting tips, the book easily passes off as an Indian version of Mills and Boons. If one expects it to be a literary piece he/she has black clouds covering his senses. The guy-ish story is a perfect timeline for most guys studying in Indian Colleges – Girlfriend, kiss, ragging, hostel and mess, drinking, flirting, sex, abuse, fight, criminals and police. Composed of a ninth grader English student English level, the book is simple to comprehend and easy on brains. A trash piece for English Degree Level students but fun for chilled out crowd; the book is one timer.

Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu, an MBA and a credit manager at a banking Industry in Ludhiana, “I Never Thought I could Fall In Love” is his first book. A light reader for a general audience; the book is not recommended for people who believe in the art of literature. Thin plot and simple story make it jiffy read.

Overall Rating: 7/10
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