Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789381576847
Pages: 162
Price: 125.00

Plot Discussion:Navarasa by Lotus’ is actually a compilation of short stories by Rajiv Kumar that are very intricately linked together by varied characters and scenes. Each story is dedicated to a distinct emotion or rasa.

The nine stories are those of a convicted movie star, an unhappy youth turned masked vigilante, a mosquito fighting human domination, a dissatisfied couple who are about to split, the horrifying dreams of a young woman, a small boy who refuses to give in, an estranged couple who manage to travel in time, The desperate attempts of a man who tries to win his girlfriend back and a man who tries to earn redeem himself.

The nine stories were varied and would have been completely disconnected but Kumar has managed to find connections amongst all of them. The language is simple but some of the stories do not manage to retain the reader’s attention. Also, the storylines get so interlaced that one has to try hard to keep all the stories in mind. This disrupts the fluency of the entire book. Some of the stories express morals but very few of them actually evoke the particular rasa strongly. The stories “Mutiny” and “Wish” were well written and were the best of the lot. It is not a breezy read and one need to pay close attention to the stories to be able to enjoy them as a whole.

Overall, “Navarasa by Lotus” is quite an average read with a few enjoyable stories cropping up here and there but it may also appeal to an early teen audience.

Overall Rating: 7/10
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