Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789380349534
Pages: 271
Price: 100.00

The Off-site Tamasha is Abhay Nagarajan’s second venture after his very successful first book Corporate Atyaachar which was released earlier in 2011. The book is scintillating, humorous and a light read that will keep you engrossed till the end.

Plot Discussion: The book follows the experience of a young, dejected 26 year old man who keeps his opinions about the world and his particularly irritating boss. When his company sends his boss and him for a relaxing three day company off site which seems to be more of excruciating boredom rather than enjoyment. Along with a closet homosexual trainer, the enthusiastic founder of the company and a rich brat of an employee who was hired for personal reasons, our hero trudges to the campsite.

Here, he meets two mysterious women whose intentions seem to be far from good and his monotonous life finally gets a waft of masala that he had always been waiting for.

The entire book has been penned down in a very funny, very relatable first person narrative. It’s a hilarious write up and is very enjoyable. The writing is very fresh, funny and I personally love how every character’s name reflects a certain trait in them. The writing which is rather carnal oriented has several double meaning jokes that would delight the audience. This perspective of the average Indian pushover male who keeps to himself and his take on a string of interesting incidents is quite ideal for the lazy week when one has nothing to do.

Overall, it is a fun book, with interestingly portrayed characters, corporate drama and humour and even fantasy to an extent. The breezy, comfortable style of writing will engross most readers and make them hold their sides and laugh through many chapters.

Overall Rating: 7/10
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This review has been contributed by Hamsini Hariharan. She’s working at BTL because she says that she likes Indian fiction but her true intentions are world domination through flower power..

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