Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 0984769714
Pages: 266
Price: 570.0

Vampire-Human romances have become a genre of its own and Sire by Galvin is another tale that tells the same story. Before rolling your eyes, you have to know that this is the most unique story in this genre that I have ever read. Conceptualised, written, and edited by the same person, this story has a fresh feel to it mainly because Michael the vampire is 19 years old. Yes, not a 119, but just 19. He is irritated by the romantic notion that Caitlin has of vampires thanks to ‘those damn books’ and he is one heck of an artist.

Based in the present day, the vampires in the city of St. Troy have to listen to the aged Angelica. She is like a governor of the Vampire population and the creator of the Vampire town. She is a connoisseur of beauty and thus wants only the best-looking humans to be converted. To ‘recruit’ such people she has opened the St. Troy University, which has a rigorous entrance procedure so that only the best can get through. Angelica even started the only club in St. Troy where the other vampires can select who they want to feed off. She has forbidden killing though, with which Liam, the antagonist absolutely doesn’t agree.

This is the story of Caitlin, Bethany, Alexis, Garrett and Evan. They are students in the university and after Liam kidnaps Caitlin, they get involved in the twisted political world of the Vampires.

A good book to just curl up on a sofa with and finish in one go. It has a mix of romance, action, blood and sex. Fast paced and witty, it leaves you wanting the second book as soon as possible.

Rating: 6.5/10
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