Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788129119209
Pages: 257
Price: 140.0

Zero Percentile-2.0 is a story of a software company caught up in a web of conspiracy, a takeover because of friendships and relationships that have fallen apart. It is a rather captivating story penned down by Neeraj Chhibba and is the sequel to Zero Percentile.The book follows the lives of Gaurav, Motu, Priya, Nitin, Pankaj, Arjun and Jaanvee who all work in a firm, Pure Consultants and as they face a hostile takeover bid by an anonymous backer. Slowly, the book traces the background and the inception of the company, the various events that made it rise to fame and also explores the various sub plots behind the characters. The book picks up the threads of its prequel and explains how Pankaj changed over time and his fall out with the rest of his friends. The ending is not clichéd as one would expect it to be and the book is quite a good read overall.

The flow, though abrupt in a few places, is carried at a steady pace throughout the book. The book is well structured and it makes the reader go back through the chapters again to grasp the situations. It paints an accurate picture of software companies and absorbs the reader into every situation. It also does provide a moral background without coming out as too preachy. While some parts of the book were obvious, the inclusion of 20/11 does provide a well needed twist.

One can read the book even if he has not read the first part but the flow between the two books must also be commended. The author, Neeraj Chhibba, reminds us that there is still hope for the upcoming Indian writers and his contributions must not be ignored.

Rating: 7/10
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