Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789381205938
Pages: 151
Price: 225.0

I remember the time when my grandma used to narrate bedtime stories to me. Although we can’t have our grandma with us anymore, especially when we are studying in a distant city, we have authors who can narrate an equally good story, if not better.

Lately there has been a trend of anthologies of short stories. Stories which have a moral and are a light read, make you laugh, think, touch a chord in your heart. Cracked Pots by Suresh Kumar is one such book, although not perfect, but a good attempt as per debutante standards. One shortcoming that can be felt was a recurrence of stories related to terrorism that made it a bit stereotyped and most of the stories had a half-baked emotional touch, but at the same time, some were quite profound making you realize that every incident has a higher reason behind it.

A good one, I must recommend is how Osama got killed. The writing style was absorbing and one could vividly imagine the ongoing scene. Some stories were more of a daily reality and could have been added a touch of fiction to add more humour and depth and foresight.

Overall a good read, while you are travelling in a bus or train. We wish to see more books from him and practise makes a man perfect so with the current status, one can rest assured that the next ones are going to be more absorbing and versatile.

Rating: 6.5/10

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