Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9780575089365
Pages: 336
Price: 276.00

Plot Discussion: Sookie Stackhouse, the protagonist is a telepathic waitress in a bar in Bon Temps, a small backwater town in Louisiana. Along comes Bill Compton, a vampire and he nicely stirs things up in the town. Sookie falls for him as she is unable to read his mind and Bill is there to protect her from the bad guys. Meanwhile, vampire groupies are being murdered and Bill becomes a suspect. In order to stop her boyfriend from being arrested, Sookie begins to sleuth around to find the murderer before she becomes the next victim.

This book is the starting point of the Southern Vampire series. The first book became so popular that it sparked of the HBO, True Blood series. A warning to all Stephanie Meyer fans, here the vampires don’t glitter.

The book is not only fast paced but from the word go it grabs your attention. The sheer amount of characters introduced, dazzle you at times and somewhere near the middle you realise that too many people are getting killed/murdered. The body count continues to rise in the subsequent books too. But Sookie Stackhouse, with all her shortcomings is a lovable protagonist. The novel itself is sexy without being overly erotic. Bill’s caveman routine and Eric Northman’s blatant flirting, keep the book light and funny.

The writing itself is not complicated. Charlaine Harris is a skilled writer and many of her ideas can be found in other vampire franchises. Bill is not an ordinary blood sucking vampire, he gulps down synthetic blood. Sookie falls for him because he is the only one whose mind she is unable to read (Edward and Bella). But the quaint town of Bon Temps is an interesting world. The town is filled with were shape shifters and even Bubba, the mystery vampire.

This book is an awesome kick start to the entire series. It leaves you hankering for the next book as there is room for the characters to grow and so many questions left unanswered. If you like chick flicks and vampires, a good read.

Overall Rating: 8/10
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