Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788183520829
Pages: 175
Price: 125.0

A book that makes you exclaim- “Hey that’s exactly what happened with me!”, ‘Take my Heart Please’ by Gaurav Pandey, is the honest, raw story of a guy who happens to fall in love but this time not at first sight.Pratham, who happens to be a reasonable guy, rationalizes his emotions to finally conclude that this time it is not just an infatuation but it’s too late and he has to break a heart to be back on the right track. If only that was enough! The story would have concluded then and there itself, but there are a lot of incidents waiting to make you laugh, smile and sigh. The situational comedy is just perfect and manages to make you giggle throughout. Although at one point it might seem to be a fairy tale where nothing can go wrong, but perhaps that’s what they call the ‘silence before the storm.’ After all no love story can be perfect without overcoming any hitches and glitches on its way and so does this one where the families are a stumbling block. What happens next is contrary to what one would expect.

The narration was nice, giving you a feeling of having this as the guy next door, the honesty with which the protagonist shares his thought while narration nudges you to think about them and ultimately agree to it.

The end was unexpected but it may have been left so, to make room for the sequel. Till then you can surely enjoy it as a light read.

Rating: 8.25/10

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