Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788129118363
Pages: 242
Price: 195.0

Interesting, engaging and absorbing – three apt words to describe The (In)Eligible Bachelors by Ruchita Misra. I picked up this book at 1:00 AM and couldn’t put it down before I reached page 242 (that’s right, the last page) at 5:00AM when the birds started chirping.

A completely different story, where love was not the sole part of the novel. The narration was vivid and involving although it did have some touches of Bollywood flicks like the scene where the girl is trapped inside a house with the two goons almost determined to kill her. She plays a trick and her best friend comes around to save her. The story explores the relationship between a mother and a daughter and how the mother smothers her to get married as soon as possible. The humour keeps your funny bone tickling and surprises leave you shaking your head in wonderment.

The story engrosses you and you can’t escape before you reach the end. Though the climax becomes a little predictable as you reach the last couple of chapters. The story was compact, funny, didn’t involve dozens of characters and above all no cheap tricks to raise the sales figure, nothing was forced in the story to add the spice and that made It natural and more believable.

Overall a nice read, especially if you are about to get married soon. At least it gave me an insight to what all I should NOT do when I go and see a girl as my prospective bride.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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