Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9781408824856
Pages: 336
Price: 350.0

Amir, Hassan, Soraya, Agha – Friendship, Love, Relationships, Society, Morality… Never did I come across a book that sewed all the above in such a fine thread so as to create a masterpiece. The Kite Runner, a story about childhood friendship, carves out an array of emotions and lays down such a beautiful display of feelings that are going on in a child’s mind.

A story set in the backdrop of Afghanistan, when there was no terrorism or foreign control, but no democracy either, the author narrates the story of his childhood and his servant who is more than just a servant, a support, a shield to save him from every danger. Yet a few things happen which leads to a feeling of guilt in Amir, who is now settled in America. He receives a call from his uncle who wants to disclose a secret. A secret that will move his entire world.

Kite Runner is a story that drops you in a pond of thoughts only to be immersed in them and thinking about the futility of vanity that we all have been accustomed to. It is a story that moves your heart, hits you with grim realities that you have been ignoring your entire life saying “ye sab to hota rehta hai” But everything is not fair and some things in life are not what we always believe them to be. Behind every convention there is a facade of pretention, of ridiculous beliefs, which if not brushed away timely can move the entire roots of humanity. The morale book conveys is: Life is not about class and division but about empathy and brotherhood.

Rating: 9/10
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