Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 8128821148
Price: 100 INR

Anything for you Ma’am.. has a Ma’am who undoubtedly as referred in the Indian context is a lady of substance, hailing from the land of the intelligent – Tamil Nadu and leaving a charm over a north Indian boy, because it isn’t a gay love story. The name says it all.

Anything for you Ma’am-An IITian’s love story is about the road, a boy from north India undertakes for a girl (conventional) across India just to meet his love. A third year IIT student from the mechanical engineering department, Tejas Narula is in love with a girl called Shreya Ahuja. Cleverly explored the geographical setting of the North-South divide, the author has made the story saleable to the mass. Shreya lives all the way down south in Chennai and Tejas is desperate to meet her. One bitten in love, he uses lies, mischief, malpractices and unparliamentary methods to find his love. The girl’s family in the whole process if unaware of the entire set of events unfolding, as usual

The story is cliché and does not present a new idea to the readers; the book has become, or has been considered as a bestseller purely from the point of view of sales targeted at two basic points. One – the tag of ‘IIT.’ Aspirants, almost double the number have always been quizzical of the life of an IIT-ian and the icing of the new fad called the ‘North-South’ match has been the sole reasons for the book. Nevertheless, the book does have certain positive points. Its readable, meaning one will enjoy it as a travel read or a light read. It does not have a deep meaning which makes the reader think deeply, thereby passing off as an in-flight or in-train buy. The descriptions of seasons, especially the winter season has been described in good vocabulary and is appreciable plus the book is cheap – costs 100 bucks which is easy enough to shell out.

If you read a book from start to finish without getting up even once, then the book must be captivating and fabulous. Anything For You Ma’am passes this litmus test. Tushar Raheja uses a splendid blend of humour and wit to make the novel a splendid read of about 200 odd pages.
The story is a simple and predictable, frankly the name says it all. Humour is simple and powerful enough to put a smile but then if you’re the reader, you would trash it like thousand others in the same shelf as you found this one in.

An engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, Anything for you Ma’am is his first novel. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in Operations Research from IIT Delhi. His second novel Run Romi Run, based on cricket is out in stores.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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