ISBN: 9789381115428
Format: Paperback
Pages: 424
Price: INR 445
Language: English

The Ordeal‘ by Mangesh Jadhav is a welcome break from all the chic lit college love stories flooding the contemporary Indian market. ‘The Ordeal’ is a suspense thriller in the backdrop of NASA, France and Russia. Being priced at a whopping 445 INR, it would be a hiccup to attract reads who are rather used to a different takeaway experience from the major Indian authors.

The Ordeal‘ attempts to be on the lines of Ian Fleming’s James Bond but lacks the level to which readers would be engrossed to the piece. The story starts nicely, the language being very off the mark from the contemporary Indian writers. You can imagine the spells of scene that the author tries to paint, but once again it is occasional and lack of consistency. This novel lacks in the effort to make the readers delve deep into a parallel world. The descriptions are not too explicit and extensive, which may be redundant if over done but even if missing a fraction, the picture would not fix together. The plot takes interesting turns though you can tell that some of them are inspired from the movies from all possible origins. It being not set in India, the saving grace is that there are no Hindi dialogues to break the momentum.

For a starting reader who is yet to go through any detective suspense thriller, then this one could provide a decent start. For an avid and seasoned reader of these genres, ‘The Ordeal‘ should be given a try to realize that we do have Indian writers who can do good in these genres.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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